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When one parent is responsible for carrying the full load of child rearing, it can be overwhelming. Latariss Payne offers encouragement through her personal journey as a single mother raising her son.

“Spill is a wonderful read that so many single mothers can relate to. What a strong young man you are raising, that will grow to truly see the love that you have for him.

The connection between you and your mom brought me to tears! Being a single mom of 3 boys, your book validated some of the challenges we face in raising our young men.

Round of applause to you for being so bold, brave, and transparent to tell your story.”

Trinita Rhodes

“Wow! This book is amazing, and that is an understatement! Latariss takes you on her personal journey as a single parent. She opens up completely about the lessons she has learned, both the good and the hard. If there is such a thing as a “guide” to single parenting, SPILL. is just that. You will finish inspired and ready to take action. You will laugh, cry, and take inventory of how you are as a parent. You will create a huge shift in your awareness to take your parenting to the next level. This is a MUST read.”

Tony Fonte

…a breathtaking journey of heartfelt proportion. Latariss has the right voice and perspective for everyone to learn something about the art of parenting!

Liz Reich

This author shares her experience of being a single parent. I found the content relatable and inspirational. Great insight and words of wisdom.

Amanda G.

I have had the privilege of watching Latariss raise her son and it has been such an inspiring thing to watch. The wisdom she shared in real life has been carefully and powerfully captured in the pages of this book. Any parent or adult with the opportunity to influence children and teens would be greatly blessed by the great information and advice in this book. It is real, unfiltered, and refreshing. There are lessons and guidance that are super valuable. Should you purchase the book, I believe you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Lethia Owens

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